Stop 2: Window of Opportunity - Fiona Katauskas

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This cartoon is titled 'Window of Opportunity', by Fiona Katauskas, Eureka Street, 16th of March 2021. Crowded outside a plate glass window, scowling women of various ages and backgrounds hold protest signs that read, 'Believe victims', 'Make workplaces safe', 'Stop jailing Indigenous women', 'Hold abusers to account', and 'Stop gendered violence'.

Inside, standing with his back to the window, a smiling Prime Minister Scott Morrison says into a phone, "What to do, Jenny? If only there was some kind of a sign". On a shelf behind his desk a boat-shaped trophy is engraved 'I stopped these'. Beside it a trophy shaped like a document has 'Inquiry' engraved at the top, and 'I stopped these', engraved at the bottom.

Label text: March4Justice protestors in Canberra rejected an offer by Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Minister for Women Marise Payne to meet behind closed doors. The Prime Minister had previously faced criticism for comments suggesting that he needed his wife, Jenny, to explain to him the issues connected to the protests.