Stop 4: Full House – Glen Le Lievre

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This cartoon is titled 'Full House', by Glen Le Lievre, The Australian, 21st of September 2021. A moon shaped like the COVID-19 virus particle glows above a suburban house. 'Oz' is written on the letterbox. Separated into different rooms, a single Australian State glowers from each window of the house. Some of the states' faces resemble the state's premier.

Victoria wears square glasses like those of Dan Andrews. The states are approximately in the same position as they are on a map, with Queensland and the Northern Territory on the top floor, and Western Australia in the largest room on the far left.

Label text: As the virus’s Delta strain spread across Australia, the central and eastern states and territories variously embarked on rolling lockdowns. By late July more than half the population were under public health ‘stay at home’ orders.