Stop 7: Waiting for Presser – Elyce Phillips

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This cartoon is titled 'Waiting For Presser', by Elyce Phillips, self-published, 12th of February 2021. A cartoon has three panels.

'11:15am' is written above the first panel. Inside the panel, a young woman staring at her phone says, "OK, they’re meeting at 11:45, so I might as well go do other stuff until there’s actually some news".

In the second panel she continues staring at her phone. In the third panel, she still stands staring at the phone.

Label text: Obsessively watching the premiers’ and chief ministers’ pandemic press conferences (or ‘pressers’) became part of many people’s daily routines during each new COVID-19 outbreak. Melbourne-based artist Elyce Phillips used a few simple lines on paper to capture the tension of this experience.